2017. 11.11-11.25 a mark ‘跡’ – 武田充生の原風景 landscape in Mitsuo Takeda’s original view

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2017.11.11 sat.– 11.25 sat. AM10:00 – PM19:00

入場無料 admission-free


Kawatanano-mori Cortot Hall (Shimonoseki-shi Kwatana Onsen Kouryu Center)

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11/11 sat. — 11/12 san.

大窓アート レジデンス制作
artist in residence program:
painting on the giant window glass


11/18 sat. 11/19 sun. 11/23 thu.

art performance & workshop




「あなたは なにを のこしますか」



permanent reality 代表 増田玲子


“What do you leave behind?”

The sculpture Mitsuo Takeda was born in Hiko-shima, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi. He has fund his creative roots in limestone caves of Akiyoshi-dai. On this exhibition at Kawatana-onsen which is his father’s hometown, he attempts making an installation with works which he has made by stones from Akiyoshi-dai at the first time. We have high expectations for the collaboration with the hall that the architect Kengo Kuma designed to resemble caves. During the exhibition, following the theme of “a mark vanished”we also have workshops which Takeda and children draw together by water on the sculptures and the floor.

As a human living in the present, what do we find in the ancient legacy, what do we take over from them, what do we leave behind the new. Through the “mark” as Takeda faced and crave on the stones of Akiyoshi-dai, I am willing to have this exhibition if you focus on yourself and remind you of your world and history itself.

permanent reality  Ryoko MASUDA


主催:permanent reality、川棚温泉まちづくり株式会社



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permanent reality
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